MC Collaborative promotes & encourages:

independence, growth, & recovery


What makes MC Collaborative different?

MC Collaborative recognizes that everyone is an individual. One formula doesn’t work for everyone. The word collaborative is in our name because this is a collaboration.

This is a partnership with you in the driver’s seat.

MC Collaborative is about the preparation for what’s to come. We will get you started on a plan and direct you to the path with various community connections and social supports. Our primary goal is to foster your independence. We will only be involved as long as you wish. We are the bridge to your road to recovery.





MC Collaborative facilitates change in a three step process:

1.     The Assessment: Where You Are NOW

Getting to know and understanding you – what is working.

2.     Goal Setting: Creating the Path to CHANGE

Develop your Personalized Action Plan.

3.     Action: Walking Your NEW Path

This is the learning of new skills, expanding your boundaries, and making connections for a new way

This is your plan in motion.






MC Collaborative uses this tool to strengthen positive relationships

and create a comprehensive social network



This is an example of a supportive social network



A social network is not static as shown above;

A social network is continually changing…

(Click play if the video does not start automatically)


MC Collaborative can help you create & maintain your social network.





“I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference”

—Robert Frost






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