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MC Collaborative treats all individuals with equality, dignity, and respect. MC Collaborative assists in making a personís hopes, goals, and aspirations a reality. MC Collaborative offers ways to expand your emotional, social, and physical boundaries. MC Collaborative provides all services and programs in an environment that nurtures growth, encourages social connections, and support networks.


MC Collaborative works with you to bring your mind, body & soul into balance by focusing on strengthening relationships and social networks





  Tailored short term in-home individual & family therapy

  Work to overcome barriers

  Connecting mental health with physical health

  Work with co-occurring disorders

  Discover strengths

  Reduce symptoms & cognitive dissonance

  Develop positive coping skills

   Coordinate full integrated care (medical, dental, mental health, substance abuse, Ö)

   Advocate & coordinate care with all providers

   Work to prevent / reduce hospitalizations

   Link to doctors & specialists as needed

   Monitor & assist with medications

   Assist & organizing medications

   Assist determining barriers to obtain medications

   Help discover life goals

   Assist with life transitions

   Develop relationships

   Integrate spiritual & cultural values into your care

   Create a social network unique to you

   Connect & build relationships & support

   Maintain independence

   Connect members to natural supports

Other services

        Assist with navigating complex systems

o   Department of Health and Human Services

o   Social Security Administration

o   Insurance companies

o   Housing

        Provide education to family on how to navigate complex systems

        Advocate with insurance companies

        Assist with housing when more supportive housing is needed




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